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980nm / 1064nm GaAlAs Diode Laser Ablation Of Foot Warts Verruca Plantaris

980nm / 1064nm GaAlAs Diode Laser Ablation Of Foot Warts Verruca Plantaris

    • 980nm / 1064nm GaAlAs Diode Laser Ablation Of Foot Warts Verruca Plantaris
    • 980nm / 1064nm GaAlAs Diode Laser Ablation Of Foot Warts Verruca Plantaris
  • 980nm / 1064nm GaAlAs Diode Laser Ablation Of Foot Warts Verruca Plantaris

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China,Wuhan
    Brand Name: Dimed Laser
    Certification: CE/FDA
    Model Number: Berylas 15watts 980nm/ 1064nm

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Packaging Details: Pelican case
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 50units per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Application: Laser Ablation Of Foot Warts (Verruca Plantaris) Model: 15watts 980nm/1064nm
    Operation Mode: CW, Single Or Repeat Pulse Transmission System: Medical Fibers With SMA905 Connector
    Weight: 2kg


    980nm/1064nm GaAlAs Diode Laser Ablation Of Foot Warts (Verruca Plantaris)

    Plantar Wart (Verruca Plantaris)

    What Is a Plantar Wart?

    A wart is a small growth on the skin that develops when the skin is infected by a virus. Warts can develop anywhere on the foot, but they typically appear on the bottom (plantar side) of the foot. Plantar warts most commonly occur in children, adolescents and the elderly.

    Plantar wart

    There are two types of plantar warts:

    • A solitary wart is a single wart. It often increases in size and may eventually multiply, forming additional satellite warts.
    • Mosaic warts are a cluster of several small warts growing closely together in one area. Mosaic warts are more difficult to treat than solitary warts.


    Plantar warts are caused by direct contact with the human papilloma virus (HPV). This is the same virus that causes warts on other areas of the body.


    The symptoms of a plantar wart may include:

    • Thickened skin. A plantar wart often resembles a callus because of its tough, thick tissue.
    • Pain. Walking and standing may be painful. Squeezing the sides of the wart may also cause pain.
    • Tiny black dots. These often appear on the surface of the wart. The dots are actually dried blood contained in the capillaries (tiny blood vessels). Plantar warts grow deep into the skin. Usually, this growth occurs slowly with the wart starting small and becoming larger over time.


    Laser Ablation Of Foot Warts


    Solitary Warts Treatment

    The Berylas 980nm laser is commonly used as a final step in procedure, to accurately burn remaining tissue/ leftover infected cells; the laser intense power is able to vaporize viruses and destroy infected cells.

    The Berylas laser advantage is that it doesn’t cause extensive tissue damage, it’s precision optical hand pieces are designed to target only very small areas and allow for superior precision and minimal tissue damage (as well as faster healing).


    Mosaic Warts Treatment

    Coagulation is a non-ablative treatment, achieved by applying focused laser radiation, which dry the wart by coagulating its capillaries; laser radiation eradicate the Papilloma virus, since laser radiation causes intense heat at a sub dermis level. The dried tissue will separate from the healthy tissue underneath and fall off during the following days. In some cases blistering may appear, which promote the healing process.


    Berylas Laser Features:

    • Delivery of adjustable average powers, with maximum 10, 15 or 30 watts
    • Continuous wave (CW), repeat pulse and single pulse modes
    • LCD touch-panel display with menu driven user-friendly interface
    • Easy to operate and maintain
    • Carrying case with wheels included
    • Manufactured in ISO certified facility
    • Two-year warranty
    • Optional extended warranty


    Berylas Laser System also treatment for the following:


    • Sports Injuries and Physical Therapy

    • Ankle & Foot Fractures & Sprains

    • Plantar Fasciitis (Orthotics)

    • Arthritis, Heel, Arch, & Leg Pain (Molded Shoes)

    • Corns, Callouses, Warts, Bunions, & Hammertoes

    • Ingrown & Fungus Nails

    • Heel Spurs

    • Tendonitis

    • Neuromas

    • Plantar Warts & Fungus Nails (Laser Treatment)

    • Diabetes

    • Wound Care, Ulcers, & Infections

    • Flat Feet

    • High Arch Feet

    • Skin Dermatitis

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