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Fighting Fat Laser Lipolysis Machine Reduce Look Of Cellulite And Sagging Skin

Fighting Fat Laser Lipolysis Machine Reduce Look Of Cellulite And Sagging Skin

Fighting Fat Laser Lipolysis Machine Reduce Look Of Cellulite And Sagging Skin

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China,Wuhan
Brand Name: Dimed laser
Certification: CE0086
Model Number: cherylas 1210nm

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Pelican case
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 20units per month
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Reduce The Look Of Cellulite And Sagging Skin Model: Cherylas 1210nm
Operation Mode: CW, Single Or Repeat Pulse Warranty: Two Years


Fighting Fat With Laser Lipolysis- reduce the look of cellulite and sagging skin.

Smart Lipo, aka laser lipolysis, is what some believe to be the most powerful new weapon in the war on fat and cellulite. The procedure is the kinder and gentler cousin of traditional liposuction, and the best part is that it can not only help patients lose inches, but can also help reduce the look of cellulite and sagging skin.


CHERYLAS 15 watts 1210nm wavelength has absorption-affinity for Lipid-Rich Tissue and has demonstrated to stimulate adipocytes and mesenchymal cells of the subcutaneous tissue, with a new concept: Selective Photothermostimulation (SPS). The application in Liposuction of this wavelength is determined by its preservation of the integrity of adipocytes, making possible the use of these materials for fat grafting in Liposculpture, Breast Reconstruction or as filler in Face Rejuvenation, proven that this technique is less traumatic.


Fighting Fat Laser Lipolysis Machine Reduce Look Of Cellulite And Sagging Skin

The Skinny on Smart Lipo

Laser lipolysis is a procedure in which localized fat deposits are reduced surgically by means of a special laser housed inside a tiny tube called a cannula. Unlike traditional liposuction, laser lipolysis does not use suction. This procedure offers benefits on par with traditional liposuction, although it is generally recommended for smaller areas. In fact, this procedure is gaining popularity for use on the face, especially as a way of re-defining the jawline and getting rid of the dreaded “second chin” that creeps up on some of us as we get older.​

Fighting Fat Laser Lipolysis Machine Reduce Look Of Cellulite And Sagging Skin

Smart Lipo has many advantages over traditional liposuction.

  • First, it is gentler and safer, partly due to the much smaller cannulas.
  • Second, the smaller cannulas mean smaller incisions, so there is less scarring.
  • Finally, because of the heat generated by this method, there is another very important benefit: The body’s own healing response causes tissues to contract, leaving skin tighter and smoother in the treated area.

This is good news indeed, since the traditional liposuction method of merely “sucking out the fat” can sometimes leave patients with uneven contours and loose, sagging skin.


Who Is a Good Candidate?

Guidelines for who is a good candidate are generally on par with those of traditional liposuction. Specifically, candidates should be no more than 30 pounds over their ideal weight and should be in generally good health. The ideal candidate also has maintained a stable weight for more than a year and has good skin elasticity in the areas being treated.


Risks and Complications

Although Smart Lipo is less invasive than traditional liposuction, it is still surgery, even though it is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, it carries the same risks as most surgeries and some specific to the procedure itself. The most common risks and complications are bruising, infection, hematoma (pooling of blood underneath the skin), and scarring. Less common risks are excessive bleeding, shock, and burns of the skin or underlying tissues. (These are extremely rare with Smart Lipo.)


Recovery Tips

Once the procedure is finished, you will be taken to a recovery area where you will likely be given a compression garment to wear to control swelling in the treated areas and help your skin conform to your new body shape. Patients can expect low to moderate levels of pain and discomfort for the first 24-48 hours following surgery, and most patients are able to return to work in 24 hours. You will want to continue to wear the compression garments for at least a week afterward, but your surgeon will give you more specific instructions.

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