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Irradiation Nail Fungus Laser Machine Warts Treatment Without Operative Pain

Irradiation Nail Fungus Laser Machine Warts Treatment Without Operative Pain

Irradiation Nail Fungus Laser Machine Warts Treatment Without Operative Pain

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China,Wuhan
Brand Name: Dimed laser
Certification: CE0086
Model Number: BERYLAS 15J

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Pelican case
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 20units per month
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Warts Treatment By 810 Nm Model: BERYLAS 15w 910nm
Operation Mode: CW, Single Or Repeat Pulse Warranty: Two Years


Warts Treatment by 810 nm Diode Laser Irradiation


The laser beam was prepared to irradiate the area of wart according to the power needed, pulse duration, and intervals. An 810 + 20 nm diode laser unit was used with pulse mode, 200 ms pulse duration and 200 ms repetition rate. The laser light applied in contact method either circular or radial methods.


1. Circular method was used if the wart is large (larger than 0.5cm). in diameter that it need to put the laser beam at the edge of wart until the blanch then changing the site of laser beam nearby area in the edge until all the edge be blanched and become like a white ring around the wart with difference shape and size (which needed to excised by either curette or scissor to remove the wart from the skin). Then irradiation to the area around the wart is done to kill the virus if present around the wart and prevent recurrence of lesion after that.


2. Radial method was used for small wart (less than 0.5 cm in diameter), the diode beam was putting in the center of wart then irradiated the wart center by the power needed to treat the patient till the wart became blanching from center to peripheral. Then wart was easily removed by slight pressure (by curate) and no bleeding occurred. The laser beam applied to area about 5 mm wide beyond the visible edge of the wart, because the human papilloma, virus has been demonstrated in apparently normal epidermis surrounding viral warts.


The lower power (9 W) was used in face, small lesion, and child. The medium power (12 W) was used in extremities small lesion, adult, while high power (15 W) was used in extremities, large, adult.


The patients were seen on the next day looking for early post-operative complications and then followed up at approximately 2 weeks intervals for 6 weeks. The patients were asked to come 3 months after the operation. Complete cure was considered.

When the wart completely eradicated, it does not recurrence with restoration of normal skin markings was achieved. Any associated complications like infection, scaring, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation or any other sequelae were looked for. After passing of laser beam in warts lesions, complete clearance of the lesion was noticed, no recurrence of lesion after complete healing. The healing usually occurs by granulation tissue formation. This took between 2-6 weeks depending on the size of the lesion. No scaring in the treated areas was apparent. Pain was experienced after laser treatment for about 1 week duration. It was mild that didn’t interfere with the patient activity and didn’t necessitate medication; no post operative infection had been seen.


Scarring has been stressed upon in previous studies using different other types of laser, but in this study no scaring has seen using diode laser. This may be due to the wavelength of diode laser, and in sequence difference in penetration depth. In spite of the fact that post operative pain was reported in most of the patients, this goes in agreement with many works (McBurney, 1984) used other types of laser. There was no infection; this was probably due to self-sterilizing action of the laser light.

This study confirms that the ability of the diode laser to eradicate resistant cutaneous viral warts. The mechanism of action of the diode laser on warts lesion  is due to its wavelength (810 nm). This wavelength is well absorbed by hemoglobin which allows effective, selective and safe treatment of tissue.

The thermal tissue interaction is based on the absorption of laser light and the transformation of laser energy into heat. The

intensity of the light absorption is dependent on the tissue type and the wavelength, laser energy applied, and the penetration depth of the diode laser light in tissue is 2 – 3 mm; this makes the diode laser especially attractive for treatment of sensible structures, where the thermal destruction of surrounding tissue should be avoided in any case. Because of a low specific absorption and considerable scattering, coagulation can only be achieved at low and medium power densities.

Tissue vaporization is possible at high power densities and/or by contact applications. The coagulation zone is limited to 0.1-1 mm depending on the power density/exposure time ratio.

Using appropriate parameters, the selective occlusion of vessels to be treated is possible without the thermal destruction of surrounding tissue (Therapeutic guidelines; 2000).

The absorption maximum in hemoglobin leads to the deposition of high amount of energy in vessels. The surrounding tissue is not affected during the irradiation because the light is absorbed more strongly in blood than in skin. Shrinkage of the tissue caused by the thermal effect is mandatory for the occlusion of vessels. (Therapeutic guidelines; 2000)


Diode laser therapy of recalcitrant and extensive viral warts should be considered as a viable alternative to other more traditional techniques. This treatment can offers a good results in eliminating the venrucae and their sequelae of recurrence, scaring and post operative pain.

Berylas dual/ single wavelength with up to 30w power can offer best treatment for warts.


Irradiation Nail Fungus Laser Machine Warts Treatment Without Operative Pain


        Human/vet software    
Specification Berylas14CFJ Berylas 4+ Berylas 9F Berylas 10J Berylas 15F/J Berylas 15FJ
Laser type GaAlAs Diode
Laser system Class IV
Device classification Class IIb
Wavelength(nm) 650(200mv)+7w810+7w980 650(200mv)+8w810
9w810nm 10w980nm 810 / 980 810 +980
Peak power(w) 14 24 9 10 15 30
Average power 14 20 9 10 15 20
CW power (W) 14 20 9 10 15 20
Max power 660 nm (W) 0.2 <0.05
Emission mode CW, Repeat Pulse 1Hz- 20KHz,duty cycle10%-90%
IP degree of protection footswitch (waterproof): IPX8
Aiming beam 650nm, Power<5mW
Start Finger switch with electronic access key, footswitch (optional)
Power supply 100V - 240V ~ at 2.0A  
Display True Color Touch Screen 7 inches,600*1024
Dimensions (W x L x H) 160(W)*180(L)*235(H) mm
Weight 2.1kg



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