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Podiatry Laser Therapy Machine For Toenail Fungus / Neuromas / Warts Treatment

Podiatry Laser Therapy Machine For Toenail Fungus / Neuromas / Warts Treatment

Podiatry Laser Therapy Machine For Toenail Fungus / Neuromas / Warts Treatment

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Dimedlaser
Model Number: CHERYLAS

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Waterproof aluminum wheel case with carton box
Delivery Time: About two months after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50units per month
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Detailed Product Description
Laser Type: GaAlAs Diode Laser Wavelength: 980nm / 1064nm
Maximum Power: 15w Operation Mode: CW, Single Or Repeat Pulse
Dimensions: 380(W)*430(L)*220(H) Mm Weight: 11Kg
Package: Aluminum Wheel Case

Podiatry Laser - for Different Podiatry Procedures - Toenail fungus, Plantar Fasciitis / Fasciosis, Neuromas, Warts


Are you considering laser technology to improve your treatment capabilities? Lasers are an important tool in many successful podiatric practices. Dimed develops lasers offering ease of use and great value for the podiatric community.

Advanced laser therapy in podiatry pushes the boundaries of biology, physics and technology. From inception, Dimed Laser has focused on the convergence and integration of laser technologies for toenail fungus, plantar fasciitis / fasciosis, neuropathies, wart removal and wounds.

The CHERYLAS Laser is a revolutionary Podiatry device, able to generate high power levels from a portable lightweight design. It is the most versatile Podiatry laser currently available on the market, and outperforms much larger laser units with it’s incredible 10 Watt – 15 Watt continuous power.


Laser Podiatry Treatment


From ingrown toenails and fungus to warts and foot pain, podiatrists treat a range of conditions on a daily basis. Problems with your feet can lead to pain, immobility and secondary health conditions, such as infections. Foot discomfort affects the ability to function normally, and fast, effective treatment is a top priority. Laser podiatry treatment is a quick, minimally-invasive procedure capable of treating a multitude of foot-related ailments.


What Can Laser Podiatry Procedures Treat?


Due to advancements in technology, laser podiatry treatment can be used effectively to treat a variety of podiatric conditions.

  • Warts. Laser treatment is safe and effective in the reduction and removal of warts, particularly for patients who have not experienced positive results from topical treatments.
  • Ingrown toenail. A painful and very common foot condition, an ingrown toenail can be removed with the help of laser podiatry treatment. Though trimming the nail can temporarily relieve pain, a reoccurring ingrown toenail can be removed at the root with laser treatment.
  • Fungus. Depending on the specific diagnosis, fungal conditions of the foot may be treated with topical medicine, laser treatment or a combination of the two.
  • Though non-invasive treatment options are available, laser treatment provides many patients with relief for a variety of conditions. Individuals experiencing warts, ingrown toenails or fungus may want to discuss the availability of laser treatment methods with their podiatrists.


What Are the Benefits of Laser Podiatry Treatment?


From expedited recovery to minimal risk, laser podiatry treatment offers multiple benefits to individuals suffering with foot pain or discomfort.

  • Local anesthesia. Some patients are allergic to general anesthesia, while others have difficulty recovering from anesthetization. Laser treatments often only require local anesthesia, as opposed to general, and require less recovery time.
  • Less pain. Depending on the diagnosis, laser techniques can reduce the amount of pain the patient experiences while healing.
  • Less downtime. Unlike invasive surgeries, laser treatments are quick and usually result in minimal downtime. Many patients can walk and resume normal functioning the same day as the procedure.
  • Minimal discomfort and scarring. When reviewing treatment options for podiatric conditions, patients look for procedures with minimal side effects, including pain and post-procedure scarring. Compared to alternative methods, laser treatment results in minimal scarring and discomfort.
  • Precise treatment. A benefit to patients, laser treatment allows a podiatrist to specifically target the affected area and gain precise control over the procedure. Unlike topical treatments, laser techniques enable podiatrists to treat foot conditions at the point of origin.

Technical Specification:


Laser Type GaAlAs Diode Laser
Wavelength 810nm/ 940nm/980nm/1064nm/ 1210nm/ 1470nm
Maximum Power 15W/ 30W/ 60W
Operation Mode CW, Single Or Repeat Pulse
Pulse Duration 10us- 3s
Repetition Rate 0.2Hz- 50KHz
Pilot Beam Red Diode Laser Of 650nm, Power<5mW
Control Mode True Color Touch Screen
Transmission System Medical Fibers With SMA905 Connector
Dimensions 380(W)*430(L)*220(H) mm
Weight 11Kg

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